Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


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This is a parasternal view. Already we can see a marked difference between the basal segments and more mid to apical segments which are much thicker.
There is no outflow obstruction or systolic anterior motion of the mitral leaflets.
Parasternal short axis images show that the base has normal thickness. The midventricle has some increased thickness. At the apex the hypertrophy is very pronounced with cavity obliteration.
Apical views all show significant hypertrophy of anterior, inferior, septal and lateral apex. In addition we can see the RV apex is also hypertrophied.
LV contrast can be administered if there is any doubt. This case is fairly obvious and LV contrast accentuated the images. Here is the 4 chamber view.
Here is the 2 Chamber view with LV contrast.
This is a complete video of all the views together.