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If you are a cardiologist in practice, a fellow in training, an echo technologist, or a cardiac anesthesiologist, then this is the right place to help you learn and review principles of echocardiography. is a repository of all information echo related. On this site you'll find pages designed to help you understand basic echo physics, and the standard views for transthoracic and transesophageal imaging, as well as pages of commonly encountered clinical cases in our image library and tutorials. There is also a self-assessment section devoted to help you solidify your knowledge. It is our belief that by seeing examples of more and more cases you become better able to assess certain cardiac conditions.
We are currently working to upload new material and change current material to multiplatform friendly videos and develop a more complete image library. Feel free to explore the completed pages and leave us feedback via email. If you wish to use our images for noncommercial reasons such as giving a talk, this can be done without written permission as long as our website and/or the author is properly sited. Permissions to use figures/videos in publications should be requested by email.
Disclaimer: This information on this site is meant to be purely educational and in no way should substitute for clinical judgment or be used as a means to make decisions regarding clinical care. If you notice any errors or have comments, please email


LV wall segments tutorial
TTE scanning protocol
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